Prom spam

Karaoke … before everyone left </3

Eli ruined the first picture LOL

Photo credit to Eli

Prom, getting ready :)

Had fun running from the cops that night. 

They&#8217;re so cute &lt;3 
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The #ARROW won 3rd place (literary magazine) and 4th place (newsmagazine). 😁👍 with Vanessa – View on Path.

So proud of all of you!
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We toss our hearts into the fire in hopes of keeping the flames ablaze,

But when it goes out, all that’ll be left is ashes,

They are all swindling thieves of time,

They care not for you, but for snatching your sanity,

Rid yourself of cynical thoughts,

Put on a genuine smile,

And sincerely apologize to all that you’ve wronged yourself,

Wave that white flag, but don’t retreat,

Fool them,

Forget about their ulterior motives,

Ignore their attempts to keep you in line,

And Run,

Run away from this uncompromising place you call home,

Guided by crippling structure and held together by mismatch puzzle pieces that create everything but a viable image,


Don’t look back,

Take only snippets of reality but all of your childish dreams,

Take what is yours and walk on blocked paths covered in Warning signs,

Maybe then you can live the season of life,


Live a moment with no time keeping,

Tear down the four walls confining your existence,

Remember the harmony from the vibrating strings of a worn out guitar and the voice of your sweetheart,

You heard by a kindling bonfire,

Go on the Carnival rides and play to win cheap ass prizes:

Twirl around on teacups where the world spirals around,

Be that child on a Carousel riding a flying stallion,

And reach for the sky on a Ferris wheel,

Wake up to see the sunrise and sleep only after you’ve looked out into the stars,

Sway away on an island hammock,

Carry around bags coated in grains of sand,

And build a castle with your soul,

Do not lament,

Don’t get tangled in wretched weeds,

Instead nibble on a handful of sunflower seeds,

Climb trees with branches bending over from the weight of a plentiful harvest,

Lick your honeycomb fingers and berry stained palms,

Lay under a blue blanket,

Of which the sky’s gas molecules and scattered wave-lengths cloak the luminescence of stars until night,

Dance in the moonlight,

Cliff dive into a deep endless blue,

Splashing the glistening waters,

Take note of the way the fragrant smoke of incents gently glides through the air,

The way the rainbow from soapy bubbles blown is cast in the light,

The reason why artist’s tubes are squeezed out onto their palettes,

For splattered canvases,

Take those fragments,

Burned away,

And mend your heart,


Don’t look back.

Canvas  by  andbamnan